Legs dangling through these metal bars
like a bird in a cage-
suspended from a hook in the sky ceiling
this place, my dwelling, Slovakia, Slovensko.

Sounds that bounce 7 stories up
a little too well-
like notes in an unsuspecting song.

Pigeons gather and flutter together
near the rusted metal door
on the high rise roof-

Children sliding down the brand new white slide-
up the stairs, down the slide, up and down-

Listen carefully and hear cabinets close
and dinner plates clatter
as neighborhood mothers prepare their evening meal.

In the distance a siren sounds and music bumps-
a car speeds and a babka strolls-

Looking downward through my cage

two floors down
a woman leans her body over the balcony-
her friend, three floors down

leans her back against her balcony
looking straight up-
evening neighbor conversations
high rise style.

Children with tie-on roller skates ride by below-
the last one directs his remote control car with low batteries
"Pockajte!" he yells in frustration, "Wait!"
as they roll ahead, impatient with dying batteries.

The sound I'll give anything to hear when I'm gone-
a faint, but loudly proclaimed
"AHOJ!" shouted from one child to another
with no restraint, "HELLO!" as it bounces through the high rise concrete.

These photos will eventually be available here, but in the meantime...